Friday, 8 June 2012

Last Minute Cards (thanks SJ!)

A few cards for you today all using die cut images from Lili of the Valley (of course!). I love using die cuts because aside from the fact that I really can't colour very well, they're great if have a few last minute ones to make and they're nice and quick so you have more time to make more!

The reason for these cards, aside from being gorgeous images, is this:

Phone rings at 8pm, it's housemate SJ.
SJ: "Ericaaaa?"
Me: "Yeeees?"
SJ: "You know you said you'd make me some cards for Dad and Grandma and Donna's birthdays?"
Me: "Yeeees?"
SJ: "Can you make me some?"
Me: "When for?"
SJ: "You won't like it"
Me: "Tomorrow?"
SJ: (Quietly) "Yes"
Me: (Jokingly annoyed) "Tut! I supposed so"
SJ: "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I'll reward you with some sort of baked good!"

I made the cards but I'm still waiting for the baked goods!

The first card I made was for her Dad and I think it's my favourite of the three (even though it should say 'birthday wishes for you with love' but I stuck them the wrong way round! Didn't want to ruin it by trying to get them off again!)

Die Cut: Lili of the Valley 'Take it Easy' die cut sheet.
Sentiments: Lili of the Valley Set 24 'Sentiments Tags'
Papers: K and Co. Classic K McKenna Mat Pad

The die cut was raised off the backing with foam pads, as were the sentiments and the patterned green paper was stuck directly to the card. The corners were rounded by hand because I couldn't find my corner punch and the sentiments were cut out by hand as well.

The second was for her Grandma and although it was little tricky getting the colours to coordinate, I think it worked quite well.

Die Cut: Lili of the Valley 'Fairies' die cut sheet
Sentiment: Lili of the Valley Set 25 'Handwritten Sentiments'
Papers: K and Co. Hopscotch Boy Mat Pad

The plain green backing, the die cut and the sentiment were all raised using foam pads.

The last card was for SJ's Step-mum, Donna, who likes pink and has a Jack Russell so the die cut SJ picked was perfect for her.

Die Cut: Lili of the Valley 'It's a Girl Thing'
Sentiments: Lili of the Valley Set 23 'Girlie Banners'
Papers: Check: K and Co. Hopscotch Girl Mat Pad
            Flowers: K and Co. Brenda Walton Small Wonders Girl

The rounded corners were done by hand again and the sentiments were cut by hand again too (which was lots of fun!)

Anywho! Hope you like them, I think they worked out quite well seeing as I was watching Iron Man 1 and 2 at the same time!



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