Friday, 22 June 2012

Time and Relative Dimensions in Space!

Something a teeny bit geeky today!
Had the sudden urge to make this the other day while watching Whitechapel, not sure why it was in the middle of that particular programme but never mind! Anywho, I'd seen a Space Invaders one months ago and randomly remembered it the other day so here is my woven TARDIS:

I first saw the Space Invaders woven picture on Pinterest months ago and forgot to re-pin it but managed to find it again here at ( She also has lots of cute, brightly coloured crafts for kids (and adults!) as well as eco-crafts.

I made mine with quilling paper so it took a little while to get them all in the right place!

I started with a piece of A5 card and measured out 5mm strips across it, (the same width as the quilling paper) and then cut along them with a craft knife.
I then just started weaving the papers between the strips with a picture of the TARDIS as a reference to get the dimensions right and carried on until I'd finished!

I ended up having to re-arrange things a little bit because I'd made the instructions panel a little too wide and the light on the top a bit small. I had to stick the strips down as well because they had been bent in half so they weren't lying flat but as a first attempt I think it went quite well.

I want to make lots more in different colours now and my sister wants me to make her one as well, I think I'll do it with bigger strips!



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