Monday, 25 June 2012

'Wit Beyond Measure...' and New Summer Bears at LOTV!

Evening! The internet has decided to work for now but it will probably turn itself off in the middle of posting this so I'd better hurry up!

Firstly, exciting news! Signed up for Pottermore today (yes, that's right! Pottermore!) I love Harry Potter, they are such amazing books! I still cry like a five year old at them all the time! For anyone who doesn't know what it is, basically Pottermore is a website where you go through all seven books, chapter by chapter looking for extra bits of information written by J.K. about different characters, creatures and places in the HP universe as well as finding Galleons, Chocolate Frog cards, spell books and ingredients to use in potions. You can also duel, cast spells and brew potions to earn house points and every year (I'm assuming) the cup is awarded to the house with the most points.
In Chapter 5, 'The Sorting Hat' you get sorted into your house after answering a series of questions about what would scare you the most, what you would hate people to say about you, that sort of thing. I was sorted into Ravenclaw which annoyed my sister just a tiny bit because she was sorted into Slytherin!

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She managed to get to be a Beta tester for Pottermore before it went live on the internet so she's going to do it again to see it'll put her in a different house. I really hope she gets sorted into Slytherin again! (I'm so mean!) =D

The one thing that annoyed me though was that the first time I signed up I got to pick my user name which was WizardChaser(and a load of numbers I've forgotten) and then I realised I'd put my e-mail in wrong so had to do it again and it gave me a name which is really boring, UnicornMirror31199 (If anyone wants to add me as a friend), so slightly annoyed about that!

It's not the most taxing of things to work through, I've been on it for about two hours and I've got through the first book already. It is still being Beta tested as people are playing it so hopefully it will get a bit more exciting.

Anywho, the actual reason I'm posting is because our new Summer Bears launched today at LOTV so head on over to the website and grab some of our gorgeous bears! Posy Trio has got to be my favourite and the Companion Set is so unbelievably cute!

Anywho, think that's everything for now, I'm off back to Pottermore to earn some house points!



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