Sunday, 27 January 2013

A Bit of Patchwork

I don't think I've posted any patchwork for about a year, which is very bad seeing as I do quite a lot of sewing. These didn't take me all year, I just haven't done any for ages! I did the first one last January and actually managed to post it on here but I've only recently started doing it again. I really love doing patchwork so I'm not sure why it's taken so long to pick it up again.

The blocks are part of a quilt from a part work magazine called The Art of Quilting (which I mention in the first post about this) and I've managed to do five more blocks in the last few days so thought I would share them with you.

From top left to bottom right: Double Four-patch, Sailing Boat, Shoo Fly, Trafalgar Square, Windmill, Checker Square.

I'm actually missing a patch from this, the Whirlwind, because I accidentally cut the pieces out the wrong way on the fabric so it doesn't fit together properly.
I'm quite proud of the Trafalgar and the Windmill squares because I've managed to get the points in the middle of the block to meet properly in the space of making two blocks, Sailing Boat to Trafalgar.

I'm now in the mood to make lots more block, I think there's about 28 I've still got to make, so there should be a few more in a few days!

On another, completely random note I've recently found a fantastic Country music radio station on iTunes called Absolutely Country Hits. It's full of so many songs and artists I've never heard before and loads of my favourites so I've been listening to it for about four days! They've just played a song called Wild at Heart by a band called Gloriana which I think is my new favourite song.
I absolutely love Country, it's the only music that puts me in a great mood in the first two seconds of a song.

Anywho, hope you like the blocks and the song!



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