Tuesday, 5 February 2013

A Bit More Patchwork

I managed to do a few more of the millions of quilt blocks I need to catch up on! I would have made six but I've managed to mark some of the pieces wrong again so one of the blocks doesn't fit together properly! Oh well, that's two blocks I have to find more material for that goes with the rest of it.

Anywho, today's blocks are:

Cactus Pot

Sawtooth Star

Windmill Sails Square

Windmill Sails

Basket of Flowers

Basket of Flowers is my least favourite so far; the square in the top left corner was really difficult to sew to the two 'petals'. I think I might try it again by making the 'petals' out of triangles instead which should be easier to piece. I like the Windmill Sails and Sawtooth Star though so when I get round to making a full quilt I might use those. the Sawtooth Star is also really good if you've got a really nice print you want to show off in the centre square.

Anywho, hope you like them!



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