Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Tiddly Inks DT Call


Well, I finally, FINALLY managed to finish the baby quilt for my friend! Yay! It's come out quite well although it's managed to bunch up a bit on the back when I was quilting it but it's ironed out a bit better so doesn't look as bad. I'll post some pictures soon, there's isn't anywhere to take them in the house, it's been raining so I haven't been able to take them in the garden and the one time it wasn't raining this week one of my housemates actually decides to hang their washing on the line!
I'm going to see my Mum at the weekend so hopefully I'll be able to give the quilt to Laura then for her gorgeous baby boy Harvey.

Anywho, onto today's card and it's for the very exciting Tiddly Inks DT call!

I've been thinking about whether or not to enter this because I never think anything I do is quite good enough but after a bit of encouragement from Anne I decided to go for it!

If we had a favourite image then we could use that and two of my favourites are this gorgeous Wizardette image and the matching Wizard and of course they just remind me of Harry Potter which is probably my favourite book series.
I decided to colour her as my favourite character from the series, Luna Lovegood. I think she's a fabulous character because she's exactly who she is all the time and she doesn't care if people think she's a bit strange and I love that about her. She's also a Ravenclaw and I'm in Ravenclaw on Pottermore! :)

I used the Ravenclaw moto of 'Wit beyond measure is Man's greatest treasure' for the sentiment which I printed in the Lumos font from, they have so many fantastic fonts there's probably one for any project you could think of.

I've coloured her in Black, Cool grey 5, Blue Pearl, Meadow Green, Blush, Sunkissed Pink, Mustard and Pastel Yellow Promarkers and, of course, I had to give her a Ravenclaw blue scarf in Midnight Blue and if anyone was going to match her socks to her scarf it would be Luna so I gave her blue socks too!
It's the first time I've tried to colour anything that's meant to be black so I coloured her robes in Black first and then went over it with the Cool Grey 5 to break up the solidness of the black. It's come out quite well but I think I need a bit more practice! I'm also really happy with the way I've coloured her hair so that seem to be getting better!
I also added a few Memory Box Cosmic Stars for a bit more of a wizardy feel.

Anywho, hope you like the card and good luck to everyone who's entered the DT call!




  1. I found you while checking out the competition for the Tiddly Inks DT call. I just couldn't resist when telling you how fab this card is and how it popped out to me among the others. Wow! Good luck to you on the DT call!

    1. Hi Mousekemom!

      Awww! That is so sweet of you, thank you so much! This is the nicest comment I've had on my blog, it's made my day!

      Thank you! =D

      Erica x