Tuesday, 6 August 2013

My First Quilt! Hooray!! =D

Hello! So, it finally stopped raining the other day long enough for me to take photos of the baby quilt I made for my friend Laura and her gorgeous baby boy, Harvey! I didn't get the chance to give her it at the weekend when I went to see Mum because I wasn't very well but I left it with Mum so she'll be able to give it to her. I just hope she likes!

So, here it is...

I decided to use nice bright colours because I don't see why baby colours have to be pastel shades all the time, and it's a nice size at about 34x50" so Laura should be able to use it for quite a few years hopefully!
It needed a bit of an iron at this point and the edges are straight it was just a bit breezy when I was taking the photos!

And a look at the back, unfortunately it bunched up a bit at one side when I was sewing the lines across and it does look a bit worse in the photo than it actually is. =(

A bit of a close up on the back quilting. I decided to keep the quilting nice and simple the first time round and not make it too complicated.

And here's a closer look at the quilting from the front.

I also added a little 'Handmade' tag to the bottom which I thought added a nice little touch...

...and I even had some help from Mr Fluffy Bum!

Apart from the slightly wrinkly back on the quilt I'm actually rather proud of it considering it's my first one. I have a bit of an urge to make a nice geeky quilt for my bed but I only just managed to fit this one on my little sewing table so I think I'll wait until I have a bit more space to start another one; I've got plenty of other crafty projects in mind to keep me going!

Anywho, hope you like the quilt!




  1. Fantastic quilt blanket, I'm sure this will be used and treasured for many years to come. x

    1. Thank you so much Teresa! My Mum gave it to her the other day and she loved it, she sent me a picture of Harvey all bundled up in looking adorable!


  2. It's fab, I'm sure Laura (and Harvey when he's older) will appreciate all the time and effort you put into it x