Wednesday, 14 May 2014

The Mystery of the Missing Pup!

Hello everyone! Hope you're all alright? Just thought I would share a little news with you today.

I've mentioned him before but in case someone doesn't know who I'm talking about, we have a family dog called Buzz who is a Jack Russell cross, he lives with my Mum and I'm looking after him for a couple of weeks while she's in Paris.

This is he and isn't he adorable?! =D

On Tuesday evening, just before I finished work my housemate Lee rang me to say that a couple of hours before another housemate Nathaniel had been walking Buzz when he had completely panicked for no reason and bolted out of the little park he was in. He ran straight through traffic along a busy road which meant that cars were beeping at him which scared him and made him run off again. Nathaniel kept running after him but even though he has little legs, Buzz is ridiculously fast and Nathaniel couldn't catch him.

Lee and Nathaniel looked for him for a couple of hours before telling me just in case they found him and they didn't want to worry me if they didn't have to. I got back from work and immediately started to look for him around the last place he was seen, Lee, Nathaniel and his girlfriend Francesca were all out looking for him too and when our other housemate Joanna got back from work she started looking too.
I looked for about four hours then went home and made some posters to put up and went back out again, getting home about 12. We'd called the Dog Warden, all the vets near where we live, the RSPCA, I told two Police Officers I saw but they can't look for lost dogs unless someone reports one running loose.

I got up early the next day to start ringing all the vets within 10 miles to see if he'd been taken to them and while I was on the phone I got a call from a lady asking me to ring her. They'd found him in their neighbours garden late the night before and had taken him to the vets where they'd scanned his microchip. Unfortunately the details on the chip are for Mum but she isn't at home but the lady who found him had taken him for a walk and seen one of the posters I'd put up.

I burst into tears when she said she had him and then found that they were only about eight streets away so he'd almost managed to circle back on himself from where he was last seen.
I've never been so happy to see him in my entire life! I burst into tears again when we picked him up, he was so happy to see me and Lee who came with me although he did look quite ashamed of himself!
We've been having lots of cuddles since I got him back and had a nice long nap after we got home. We've been for a walk but I didn't let him off the lead in case he got spooked by something again. He's fast asleep at the moment, he's so tired after his little adventure. Lisa at work said I could take him to work for the rest of the week which I might do because he'll have been scared and lonely last night until he was found.

I'm so glad he's home!



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