Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Not My Week!!

Sorry but this is going to be a bit of moan!

As you probably know by now I'm cat/house sitting for my friends Jo and Krissie who are in Australia and actually get back this Saturday and everything has been absolutely fine until this week! Monday morning I woke up to find the overflow pipe at the back of the house pouring water and assumed that it was actually melted snow from the weekend but no! It is now Wednesday night and it is still pouring water and is now flooding next door's garden. Somehow because of this there is no hot water at all so I can't wash any clothes, I have not had a proper shower since Sunday night and I am currently boiling a fourth kettle of water the be able to wash my hair in the kitchen sink...again!
The estate agents I rang on Tuesday have tried to contact the landlady but she still hasn't got back to them so if she doesn't, they're going to have to send someone out to fix it.

Also, the one plant in the whole house has decided it is going to die on my all of a sudden so I'm going to have to find an Umbrella Tree somewhere AND this morning on the way to work, neither of the buses I could get turned up so I had to walk an hour in the freezing cold to get to work an hour late!

Right, moan over! I'm going to watch some Sherlock to cheer me up (but not The Reichenbach Fall, I'll just cry!)



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