Saturday, 6 July 2013

Featured in Tiddly Inks Fabulous Inky Friday!


Very exciting news! I was featured in last weeks Idly Inks Fabulous Inky Friday! Hooray! So excited! =D All the cards were so gorgeous I can't believe I was picked!

I've just got few bits and some photos to share today, it's the Wimbledon Women's Final today so I'll be watching that and probably not doing much crafting!

I started crochet classes last week and so far it's been really good, I did find out this week that I had been doing the double crochet stitch that we'd been shown in the first week wrong even though I'm absolutely positive that I was doing it the way I was shown! Lucky, what I'd been doing was an actual stitch and not one that I'd made up! Anywho, we had to stitch a piece big enough to cover our phone to make it into a cover for it, and this is what I made:

I'm rather proud of it! It's my first ever bit of crochet and although it's in the wrong stitch it's not too bad and doesn't have too many big holes in! We were taught how to do two different edges in this week, Picot edge and shell edge, I really don't like Picot edge, it's just seems really complicated and doesn't look very neat (at least when I do it!), this edge though is really nice and easy to do and this is the shell edge; I think I'll be doing this on most things!

Our crochet homework this week was to do a foundation row of 31 chain stitches and then do shell stitch all the way along because when you roll it up it looks like a flower!

I tried it with some red and green yarn I already had which was a little thinner and although it was a bit trickier it still worked quite well.

My sister came home from Uni for the Summer last week too so we took the dog to the beach at Southport because we had to go back for some of Robyn's things and she's at Uni at Edge Hill near Liverpool. It was really nice and warm but not very sunny, it was also quite muddy where we were and Robyn managed to slip over kicking the dog's ball...

...which was hilarious! We couldn't stop laughing for about half an hour!

And here Robyn is asleep in the car on the way home with her animation model, Chuckles and if you think he looks creepy, that's because he is!

Anywho, this post has taken me so long to write because I keep getting distracted by the tennis, the Women's match has almost finished! It's currently 6-1 5-3 to Marion Bartoli against Sabine Lisicki. I'll let you know how it finishes!



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