Friday, 19 July 2013

The Cornetto Trilogy and Exciting LOTV News!!


Hope everyone is enjoying this gorgeous weather? It's been a bit warm for me so I've been hiding in the house whenever I've not been at work so I have absolutely no tan whatsoever! It's cooled off a bit now and there's a lovely breeze coming through the window next to me so I'm happy =)

First bit of news, we had a little house guest here for a few days this week, a gorgeous little kitten that my house mate decided to call Public Relations Officer! =S

Housemate Lee found him in a bush in our garden and brought him in and he was so adorable! He's tiny, he could sit in one hand and he loved cuddling and getting up under your chin and rubbing his head on yours! Unfortunately we couldn't keep him because Lee and Issi's cat, Mr Fluffy Bum (Lee shouldn't be allowed to name things!) wasn't happy about another cat in the house so Issi's friend picked him up and is now looking after him. Hopefully they'll find whoever's missing him because there's no way someone isn't missing him because he's so gorgeous!

Next bit of news, yesterday myself, my sister Robyn and our Mum went to the cinema for 'The Cornetto Trilogy' from Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, which was Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz and the new film The World's End shown back to back.

It was fantastic, it was so much fun and even though we'd seen Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz so many times, and they're still funny every time, they seemed to be funnier when watching them with a cinema full of people! There was a great introduction to the trilogy from the makers before the films where they talked about making the films and mentioned that the 'F' word is said 77 times in Shaun of the Dead and that we had to clap every time it was said, and most people did!

Myself and my sister made ourselves t-shirts for the occasion, mine with Shaun on and Robyn's has 'You've got red on you' which is probably one of the most quoted lines from the film!

Shaun holding his trusty cricket bat and bunch of flowers!
And here we are in our t-shirts! I'm on the left, looking a bit fat and Robyn looking weirdly taller than me! 
We were all meant to get a free Cornetto ice cream as it was the Cornetto Trilogy (Cornettos appear in every film at some point) but the cinema either forgot or they were hoping everyone else had because no one mentioned it so that was disappointing but, we did all get a free ticket to any other film we wanted because the sound wasn't playing properly at the beginning of The World's End so they had to stop it for ten minutes to get it sorted so it was nice of them to give all 100-odd people in our screen a ticket.
Mum brought our dog, Buzz, with her as she wasn't going to be at home for about nine hours so we couldn't leave him on his own but Lee looked after him for us and he was apparently 'good as gold' all night. We didn't get home until about 3am and Buzz was fast asleep on my bed.
I'm weirdly not tired after having five hours sleep but I probably will be tomorrow.

Anywho, on to the exciting LOTV news; we're going to be on Create and Craft TV!! =D
Our fantastic DT member Dawny P is going to be doing the demonstrations for us so Laila and Lisa can concentrate on running the company and don't have to worry about organising demonstrations for the TV.
Laila, Lisa and Dawny all went down to Peterborough on Tuesday so Dawny could do her screen test (which she passed perfectly just as we knew she would!) and Laila and Lisa could finish sorting some details but we're hoping to have our first show in August with lots of gorgeous products! It's very exciting! Dawny's been dying to tell everyone for days so she's rather excited too!

Anywho, hope everyone's having a nice evening, I think I'm going to have a play with some new LOTV goodies!



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