Thursday, 22 May 2014

Tea and Books

Hello! Hope everyone's alright?

Well, Buzzy has gone back home again after his little adventure last week; Mum got back from Paris on Wednesday but was so tired she just got on the train without saying she was back home so she got the message from the vet saying the dog was missing before I had chance to tell her he was fine!
I cried quite a lot down the phone at her because I hadn't had a proper cry since he went missing so it all just came out! She kept saying she was really sorry that I'd had to go through it all without her and that I couldn't have done any more to find him.
But he's fine and he's home and quite glad to be back I think because he was beginning to miss it and the cat was apparently missing him the whole time too!

Anywho, I thought I'd show you all my first ever paper pieced patchwork block!
It's using two different block patterns from the fantastic website Fandom in Stitches who create and share geeky themed pattern blocks for nerdy sewers and they are so amazing!

So here's my first block:

If you can't tell it's a tea cup on a pile of books! The blocks I used were numbers 9 and 27 from their Harry Potter Project of Doom Quilt which is incredible and one that I plan on attempting to make at some point!
I wasn't quite sure I made the right choice for the background fabric when I'd put it all together but I thing it looks quite good (It's meant to look like wallpaper!) and it was much easier to put together than I thought it would be except for getting the angles right when folding the fabric back on itself and worrying I was going to pull the stitches out when taking the paper off the back!

(What is paper piecing? Here's an explanation and tutorial from Jennifer from FiS)

When I (eventually) make the full quilt I'll definitely be using a much lighter fabric for the background. I have about 50 other blocks that I would love to make from Fandom in Stitches they're all so gorgeous but my next one I think is going to be a Captain America quilt using their shield pattern.

Hope you like it!



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  1. Wow Erica! This is gorgeous... Hope you are going to show us your Captain America quilt, I think that will be quiet amazing!!.. So pleased your little doggy is back, it must of been quiet worrying for you..
    Marjorie xx